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There is no hard and fast answer to this, and it would be foolish to think that there is anything “ideal” when it comes to a BOM. From the standpoint of saving money, the ideal BOM only has one level; this way, fewer materials need to order, and there are not as many procedures involved.

From the standpoint of making sure that a project is significant, the ideal BOM has many levels. The more stories of a BOM have the more attention to detail involving the necessary assemblies. However, this could cost more than necessary.

Different projects demand different materials and other ways to assemble these materials. Because of this, we need to create a different BOM. Some of them only have one level, and some of them have multiple levels. There is no “ideal” BOM, not if you are interested in saving money.

There are a couple of things to consider when determining how many levels a BOM should have, and if you are interested in a successful project where costs are as low as possible, you will consider these

Why is BOM important?

Anything that involves electronic products requires a lot of organization and operations when it comes to any materials. The purpose of a BOM is to make sure that everything involved in an electronic product project is operating smoothly. When this process is not organized correctly, a lot of unsavory things can happen.


The creation of a proper BOM can reduce the costs involved in a project. Because there are many materials necessary when it comes to a project, much money goes into them. If a BOM is accurate and organized correctly, it can save a lot of money. One of the worst things that any manufacturer can do is rush to create a BOM. If the logistics list is in a hurry, two things can happen.

First, insufficient material is ordered, and it will cost more money to get more materials contained, especially if time is of the essence, and you need the materials delivered quickly.

The second thing that can happen is that you can get too many materials, it also means spending too much money. While it is true that you will possibly have surplus materials for the next project, the amount paid exceeds the necessary amount.

Staffing and Personnel

One thing related to cost is employees and people. Having staff to work on a project is something that should be directly determined by what is contained in the BOM. If you don’t take the BOM seriously, it can affect employees to hire too many people. The staff members will not be compensated the way they like or also employ a few people, and their production will suffer from being overwhelmed and overworked.

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