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Nowadays, PCB industry has become a more and more the most concerned industry.So, it’s important to know how to make it. The following is a simple PCB production process.

First of all, we need to use Altium Designer software to design the schematic diagram and circuit diagram.

Secondly, the PCB drawing needs to be printed on the heat transfer paper. According to the circuit diagram, cut the size of the copper clad laminate.

One side of the single panel is covered with copper, and the other side is smooth.

Then,we should deal with the copper clad laminate, use fine sandpaper to polish the oxide layer on the copper clad surface to ensure that the carbon powder can be firmly printed during heat transfer printing.

Next, transfer the circuit board. Paste the circuit diagram side of the heat transfer paper tape on the copper clad surface of the circuit board, put it into the heat transfer machine, and go back and forth 2-3 times.

After that, the circuit board was corroded. Check the transfer effect, if a few lines do not transfer well, you can use black oil pen repair. Put the circuit board into the corrosive solution, and the corrosive solution completely reacts with copper, and retains the circuit diagram of toner protection.

Then drilling was carried out. Electronic components should be placed on the circuit board, so it is necessary to drill the circuit board first.

Select the corresponding drill pin according to different component pin thickness, and use a drilling machine to drill holes.

Finally, the circuit board is preprocessed. After drilling, use fine sandpaper to polish the toner on the copper clad surface and clean it with water.

After the water is dried, it can be coated with a loose perfume protection line and welded with electronic components.

In the prior art, in order to simplify the manufacturing process of single panel, most of them only transfer the circuit diagram at the bottom layer and omit the silk screen layer with character identification, which will bring inconvenience to welding components. Some refer to the manufacturing process of double-sided boards, and the steps of screen printing characters will be added in the production of single panel. After the corrosion is finished, clean the circuit board, dry it, and then screen mark the grid screen on the clean surface of the circuit board, then dry it, and then conduct silk screen printing with green oil solder resist. Although this method can achieve the purpose of identifying components for circuit boards, the process is relatively time-consuming and cumbersome.

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