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There are several necessary files you should share directly to PCB suppliers for them to process a custom PCB order. Here is an outline of the essential data to include.

  • All copper layers
  • Share details about all paste, silkscreen, and solder mask layers.
  • A valid silhouette, with slots and cutouts, indicates if possible.
  • Submit at least one ASCII drill file in the Excellon format for every drilling process. The drill file ought to encompass tool codes as well as diameter information.
  • Provide at least one fabrication drawing or suchlike documents.

How to cancel the order?

It is essential to note that all PCB service providers cannot cancel the order once you make payments. Nevertheless, here are suggestions for steps to take.

  • You could delete any PCB order or contact the service company to adjust the Gerber files if you did not release the payment.
  • If you release the amount, but the law is yet to start producing, ensure that you contact the service provider. They can consider canceling the order.
  • In a case where the custom PCB orders are already at the production stage, you cannot cancel it. The solution is to contact the service provider to put the shipment on hold to save on shipping costs.

PCB supplier extends order time

When dealing with any process of manufacturing, the time factor is of great essence. A client may have issues regarding how long their custom printed circuit board order will take to arrive. Whether it is on time or not, the outcome majorly depends on the PCB manufacturer. However, there are several steps the client can apply to make sure the procedure moves quickly.

Opting to work with a quick turn PCB services provider is a crucial step. The service provider should be able to help you develop highly-reliable custom products and supply tips necessary to make sure their PCB orders come on time.

The custom circuit board supplier should offer the support clients require to file requests with fast delivery, both domestic and international. They should advocate costs drive to help tighten the lead times and rescheduling in delays or errors.

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