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There are different types of LED PCBs. LED PCB Board types to vary on the basis of manufacturing specifications, type of material and usage. Here are the most popular types of LED PCBs including:

Flexible LED PCB

The name is quite obvious. It is comprised of materials that can twist in different directions, and flex. It contains layers including multilayer, double and single formats. It is a little bit costly to print a circuit on the flexible material. The flexible LED PCB Board has more advantages as compared to a rigid LED Printed Circuit Board.


As the name suggests, it is stiff and totally opposite to the flexible one. The solid material is used for its manufacturing. You can find it on the computer. It is also available in different layers.

Multi-Layer LED PCB

This type of LED PCB Board contains more than two layers. Copper plated holes most often interconnect all the layers. It contains 4 to 50 conductive material layers. A special type of glue connects multiple layers and a special type of insulator is used in between different layers. The insulator protects them from an excessive amount of heat.

How to balance the current for LED PCB?

LED light, the soul of lighting globally, enjoy merits such as high illumination, long lifetime, stability, and low energy consumption. That is why the technology has wiped out some other contemporary lighting methods, such as halogen and fluorescent tubings.

But even with the merits, the technology came with one disadvantage that undermines its efficiency a great deal—a custom led circuit board tends to generate high heat energy. Thus, the system cannot cool efficiently through traditional means.

The custom LED PCB assembly uses metal core PCBs due to their high efficiency when it comes to problems related to heat dissipation. Some other companies use aluminum PCB. The metals have thermally conductive dielectric materials that conduct heat with unmanageably higher efficiency while at the same time dissipating heat.

What are the capabilities of LED PCB?

As an experienced LED PCB Manufacturer at Technotronix, we bring complex designs to life. Our extensive capabilities in LED printed circuit boards include:

  • Rigid, flexible as well as rigid flexible boards for LED.
  • Metal Core LED circuit boards
  • Embedded LED PCB
  • SMD LED circuit boards
  • A wide range of finishes – SMOBC/HASL, electrolytic gold, electroless gold, electroless silver, immersion gold, immersion tin, and OSP
  • Option of base plate – Copper or Aluminum
  • Choice of PCB Core – FR-4, Epoxies and aluminum laminated with copper
  • Dielectric thickness: .003″
  • ROHS compliant/Lead free assemblies
  • Automated Optical PCB Inspection, Electrical testing and sample inspections

How to select right material for LED PCB?

The PCB serves a number of purposes in LED-based circuit designs; most notably it provides the electrical connections between individual components and the electrical insulation of conductors from one another, but often the PCB also forms one of the very first elements of the thermal pathway between the LED component and the ambient air, whilst the PCB can also form a foundation onto which non-electronic components are also mounted I.e. lens and reflectors.

There are various PCB materials that can be used for LED applications: both FR4 and insulated metal substrate (IMS) are popular choices. Each material has its own relative merits, ranging from cost through to thermal performance.

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