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Small Size

One of the most prominent and lauded benefits of using multilayer PCBs lies in their size. Because of their layered design, multilayer PCBs are inherently smaller than other PCBs with similar functionality. This presents a major benefit to modern electronics, as the current trend is working toward smaller, more compact yet more powerful gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets and wearables.

Lightweight Construction

With smaller PCBs comes less weight, especially as the multiple connectors required to interlink separate single and double-layered PCBs are eliminated in favor of a multilayered design. This, again, is beneficial for modern electronics, which are geared more toward mobility.

Enhanced Flexibility

Though this does not apply to all multilayer PCB assemblies, some do use flexible construction techniques, resulting in a flexible multilayer PCB. This can be a highly desirable trait for applications where mild bending and flexing may occur on a semi-regular basis. Again, this does not apply to all multilayer PCBs, and the more layers incorporated into a flexible PCB, the less flexible the PCB becomes.

More Powerful

Multilayer PCBs are extremely high-density assemblies, incorporating multiple layers into a single PCB. These close-quarters enable boards to be more connective, and their innate electrical properties allow them to achieve greater capacity and speed despite their smaller size.

Signal integrity

Multilayer boards can be configured with microstrip or stripline layer structures to sandwich high-speed transmission lines between them. These structures will provide better signal return paths, reducing noise on the board and controlling crosstalk and broadside coupling between signal traces.

What are the applications of multilayer PCB?

Consumer Electronics

The term “Consumer Electronics” is a wide term that includes many electronic devices that comes under the umbrella of commonly used devices that are directly relevant to common users like you and me. The consumer electronics include, smartphones, smart watches, calculators, TV remote control, mp3 music player, toys, kitchen appliances, washing machines, electric kettle, e-cigarettes, LED bulbs and energy savers etc.

Computers and Devices

Today our world is highly dependent on computers and automation. Multilayer PCBs are commonly found in computers and associated products like motherboards, graphics cards, EEPROMs, Power supplies, keyboard, computer mouse, ADCs, GPUs, Image processing circuits etc.

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