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  1. Knowing the role of Gerber file of PCB

Gerber file history can be traced back to the needs of the original vector photoplotters. In order to give the plotter its instructions, a Gerber file contained minimal plotter configuration information, and X/Y coordinates followed by a flash or drawing command and which aperture position to use. The Gerber data has increased in functionality over the year; it now includes additional configuration information as well as macro and aperture definitions.

The PCB manufacturing technology used today has come a long way over the past decades. Previously, vector photoplotters were used to create the tooling film used in the PCB manufacturing process.  There was only a minimal set of apertures available and designers had to be creative in restricting their flashes and lines to only the apertures that were available to them.

2. Try to learn Gerber file format


The oldest format of Gerber file designed by Gerber Scientific. The file was represented in the numerical control (NC) format, and it was compatible with different photo plotters used in the 1970s. Due to several drawbacks of this format, manual input of d-codes, user interpretation, other types of Gerber files have been developed since.


This Gerber file format has been used since 1998. This revised format of RS274-D utilizes an embedded format, unit and data information. The apertures defining the layers are embedded allowing for standard sizes and custom apertures. In addition, the RS274X format allows the designer to utilize film control, multiple layer structure for single layers, special polygon fill commands, polarity controls, and much more.

3. Where to meet PCB in Gerber file?

So far, we have covered the essential details of PCBs are and their importance. Wne have also tried to explain in a nutshell the essence of Gerber files.  From the two definitions, it was prominent that Gerber files are the software sketches that are used to communicate information about the composition of circuit boards.  The two differ in that software applications handle Gerber files whereas PCBs mount electronic components.

4. How to process missing board online?

Among other Gerber file pieces, the board outline is arguably one of the simplest ones. However, besides its simplicity, it is still essential to describe the board edge’s real bounds to your manufacturer.

By issuing out such specifications, you ensure that there is excellent routing from the panel. The board outline should not be missing at all and must be present all the time. So, you need to ensure that you double-check for board outline. By doing this, you will be ensuring that you save a lot of communication time.

5. What are composite layers in Gerber file?

Specific CAD software packages can split single copper layers into several Gerber files. Such a phenomenon is prevalent, especially for layers consisting of filled areas. The software can generate a separate file for traces, one for the copper pour, and a single for clearance.

The issue comes about due to a specific option that’s within the CAD software. It would help if you were sure that you double-check all your files using a Gerber Viewer. That is before making your submission. If possible, you may have to ensure that you correct the settings of your CAD software.

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