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We have countless electronics that use PCB board connectors. As a result, the design must suit the type, size, and function. With this, there are numerous  PCB connector types available.

What is Wire-to-board Connector?

It is a PCB connector type that connects a wire to a printed circuit board. The device makes it easy to have connections between circuits.

What is Board-to-board Connector?

Board-to-board Connectors allows manufacturers to connect PCB without a cable. This connection allows for a signal connection between two PCBs. It can be a permanent connection that will require a “fit and forget” approach. The device connects two PCBs using pins and receptacles.

What is Male PCB Connectors / Pin header?

Also known as pin headers, these are simply a row of pins with different spacing. The spacing could be 0.1, 0.2, 0.197 inches apart.

What is Female PCB Connector?

We also call this the socket or header receptacles. It accommodates the male connector tightly, which creates a through the passage for the signal (power or data)

What is Backplane Connector?

It is a particular type of PCB connector that can connect with other PCBs. It helps increase data rates and reduce signal rise. The backplane connector is a support structure that allows connection for other PCBs. It also serves as a plane to enable users to integrate other system components known as a daughterboard.

What is USB PCB Connector?

It is the most common type of PCB connector today. It is not surprising as the USB connector finds application in many devices we use. Examples are tablets, keyboards. Smartphones, digital camera, computer mice, and others

All USB connectors come with at least four contact points. One receives power, and one is the ground. The remaining two transmit and receive the data.

USB-A: Almost every computer and laptop device today have the female end of the USB type A version. Besides, the female end is the receptacle while the male part is present in various devices. Examples of such accessories are the mouse, keyboards, memory sticks., etc.

USB-B: You will find type B USB in standard electronic devices like music players. In the USB family, they are tough, strong, and bulky. Type-B USB finds application in a device where size is not an issue.

USB-Micro: this is a new release in the USB family. It is present in modern phones, external hard drives, tablets, digital cameras, etc. Like other USB types, the male part connects to the female part.

USB-C: Type C USB connector is also one of the latest releases in the USB family. It stands out with a few advantages over other types. It features an upgraded strength that allows it to transmit data, video, and power simultaneously. Also, USB Type C stands out as a unique USB type with the absence of polarity. It makes connections possible in any orientation without having to flip and flop.

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