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There are numerous stages that go into the making of PCB assemblies through turnkey manufacturing:

  • Sourcing parts
  • Design assistance
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Obsolescence management
  • Aftermarket services

PCB turnkey solutions are those that incorporate all of these stages into a single electronics contract manufacturing service. The world calls it “turnkey” because it arrives at your door ready to be turned on and used. You shouldn’t need to worry about whether all the pieces will work together or that the part will not function as intended.

Before seeing some advantages, it will be helpful to determine what the PCB assembly implies. Simply put, PCB Turnkey assembly means that PCB suppliers take care of all aspects of the PCB project.

This means the procurement of components, manufacturing, and assembly. Manufacturers of electronic contracts that are right with experienced teams and various abilities will classify cost-effective and responsive communication practices.

Two types of PCB turnkey assembly are available, including full turnkey PCB assembly and partial PCB turnkey assembly. In addition, whole PCB turnkey assembly can be your best investment compared to partial or sent assembly.

What are the advantages of turnkey PCB assembly?

Lower Cost

Another advantage of full-turnkey PCB assembly service is overall cost reduction. Pack-up service is usually cheaper than separate ones as far as electronic assembly is concerned. At least, freight fee will be saved because you don’t need to get manufactured PCB boards and electronic components delivered to assembly workshop. Moreover, components procurement may get easy and customer-friendly because experienced electronic assemblers are usually able to provide reliable components with relatively low cost based on their long-term cooperation with parts manufacturers or distributors.

Shorter Lead Time

As a fundamental form of electronic assembly, PCB assembly primarily contains three phases: PCB fabrication, components procurement and PCB assembly. Traditionally, you should quote and confirm design files with sales and engineers working for your PCB manufacturer, then components distributors and finally PCB assemblers. Such series of quotations and confirmations just need your time spent in contacting with different partners.

Issue Identification

A major time and money-saving advantage of turnkey PCB assembly is the ability to spot potential issues before the circuit boards make it into any products. As part of the process, you submit a netlist file to the assembler. Before assembly begins, the assembler will check to be sure specifications match the application and identify any errors that may be present. Should any errors be found, you have the opportunity to correct the design and avoid being saddled with thousands of unsuitable circuit boards.

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