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PCB components must be selected keeping in mind the design and performance requirements of the individual circuit. The components play an essential role in enabling the PCB board to perform its intended function. Therefore, the person selecting the components must understand the exact functions of the PCB board that is being designed. Once the engineer understands the intricacies and functionalities of the particular design, they can choose the right PCB components to bring that design into fruition.

Technological Innovations and Advancements

The latest advancements in web-based technology have made the task of component selection much easier. Smart digital tools for electronic component selection can be used by modern engineers to choose the perfect components for each PCB design. These web-based tools allow engineers to save time and money when selecting the PCB components. They can just check the online inventories of component manufacturers and select the components that they need for a particular design.

Market Rates and Value Analysis

An experienced engineer, who has a thorough understanding of PCB electronics will be able to accurately gauge the effectiveness of a specific PCB component vis-a-vis its market value. The engineer must also compare the price of a component to that of local products that are similar in design, or different versions of the same component. This will allow the engineer to choose the component that provides the best value for money and cost efficiency, allowing the business to gain a competitive edge over other companies operating in the field.

Durability and Longevity

One of the most important factors that must be taken into account when selecting PCB components is the quality and longevity of the product. High-quality and durable components are always more beneficial and cost-effective in the long run, even when they are slightly more expensive at the time of purchase. A PCB board made from high-quality components will be more durable and require fewer repairs over the course of its life.

For instance, using circuit breakers instead of fuses and software control instead of manual switches can dramatically increase the longevity of a circuit. Furthermore, high-quality and properly sized dissipative devices such as resistors, inductors, and semiconductors ensure that the internal temperature of the circuit board always stays within reasonable limits.

Guidelines of choosing components for PCB

Think about Component Footprint Decisions

Throughout the schematic drawing phase, consider footprint and landpattern decisions that will need to be made in the layout phase. See the following suggestions for things to consider when making component choices based on part footprints.

Remember that footprints include both the electrical pad connections and the mechanical (X, Y and Z) dimensions of the part. This includes the body outline of the part as well as the pins that attach to the PCB. When selecting components, consider any housing or packing restrictions on both top and bottom sides of the final PCB. Some components (such as polarized capacitors) may have height clearance restrictions that need to be considered as part of the component selection process. When initially starting a PCB design, consider drawing a basic board outline shape and placing some of the larger or critically-placed components (such as connectors) that are planned to be used. In this way, a quick virtual rendering of the board (without routing) can be visualized to give a relatively accurate representation of the relative positioning and component heights of the board and components. This will assist in ensuring that the parts will fit inside the packaging (plastic, chassis, mechanical frame, etc…) after the PCB is assembled. Invoke the 3-D Preview mode from the tool menu to review your board.

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