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  1. Control current

LED light, the soul of lighting globally, enjoy merits such as high illumination, long lifetime, stability, and low energy consumption. That is why the technology has wiped out some other contemporary lighting methods, such as halogen and fluorescent tubings.

But even with the merits, the technology came with one disadvantage that undermines its efficiency a great deal—a custom led circuit board tends to generate high heat energy. Thus, the system cannot cool efficiently through traditional means.

The custom LED PCB assembly uses metal core PCBs due to their high efficiency when it comes to problems related to heat dissipation. Some other companies use aluminum PCB. The metals have thermally conductive dielectric materials that conduct heat with unmanageably higher efficiency while at the same time dissipating heat.

When your lighting system emits large amounts of energy, you risk damaging the connected accessories. For example, LED lights in the aquarium tanks will emit heat to your waters hence causing pets to boil. PCB assembly caulks all these problems to make LED lighting technology flawless.

2. Welding LED Components

Among the things that one needs to take proper control or care of when doing PCB assembly are the welding components. For an LED light to work effectively and be as durable as they need to be, one must ensure that they welded on the right base. A ceramic plate is the most effective because it will minimize heating. A ceramic base is ideal because it will ensure durability and strength to the custom LED PCB.

When you are doing PCB assembly, there are some matters that you need to take into proper consideration. These are:

I.The solder bridge: when there is an unpredicted connection when you are soldering, it might lead to shorts circuits. You should, therefore, be careful when making any soldering connections.

II. Lifted components can also happen when you are soldering, so the manufacturer needs to be careful at all times.

III. Keep the soldering bit clean and neat so that you can get a proper joint, and this will also make you have adequate heat induction when soldering.

IV. Start with soldering the small parts and then move on to the more significant elements. Hence, it will make it easy for you to assemble the PCB.

3. Material Selection of LED PCB Board

Generally, the functionality, manufacturability, and life cycle of PCBs make LED lights rely on its construction. Therefore, the list of materials you chose for your board can either bury or enhance the whole system’s quality and efficiency.

To develop an all-time efficient board, PCB manufacturers use a wide assortment of products ranging from substrates and laminates to Circuit Board Types. However, it is worth noting that only one material wrongly placed in the PCB can ruin the board’s overall functionality. That is why material selection remains a significant problem in the LED PCB assembly.

So, what is the way forward? The best solution is to enlist flex, rigid, and customized boards from well- renowned manufacturers so that you can come up with a better board. And WellPCB is one of them. You can also acquire the already made parts and conjoin them together to form the PCB assembly boards.

Typically, the board consists of a series of layers that overlap each other. You can acquire the layers separately and join them together to get moving.

Focus on coming up with a thicker board. A thicker board will guarantee significant support to the connected devices with negligible risks of failure. A standard thick board usually is 1.6 mm. Anything less than that can compromise your PCB assembly’s durability, quality, and functionality in totality.

4. Assemble LED PCB With Aluminum Base

As mentioned, LED lighting PCB boards generate intense heat when it runs. However, with the use of an aluminum base, you will stand a chance to increase the functionality of the system since:

I. It increases the stability of your PCB. It is because of the heat transfer that is better than other materials, and therefore, other parts will not be affected. The heat will move away from sensitive parts, leaving them safe.

II. Aluminum is strong and durable and can stand high temperatures. It is an ideal option when it comes to withstanding the high heat dissipation.

III. In addition to being durable, aluminum is light in weight and more comfortable handling and even transport.

IV. Aluminum is less expensive as compared to many other boards. It is also recyclable and is, therefore, environmentally friendly.

V. Aluminum will guarantee a longer operating time because it has better heat transferring capabilities and can, therefore, work at a low temperature. Aluminum will increase the lifespan of your PCB.

VI. Heat moves much faster when using aluminum. Thus makes it function more efficiently, and it will not exceed the temperature that has specified for it.

5. Embedded LED PCB

When doing a custom LED PCB assembly on small and thinner electronics, embedded LED PCB is most appropriate to use at this time. It’s because they allow for more straightforward merchandise findings so that the assembly result is precise and clear. The lights apply to medical devices, low lighting environments, and also some aviation and marine appliances. The following are some of the benefits of using an embedded LED PCB:

I.Dust resistance and even moisture resistance

II. They are lightweight and not easily noticeable

III. They are available in color, sizes, and light intensities

IV. They have a lower backlight coat and membrane switch

V. They consume deficient power and are therefore extremely energy-saving.

VI. They work better on silver and copper flex membrane switches.

6.Single Point, Surface Mount, And Integrated LED

These are LEDs designed by manufacturers so that they can meet the users’ specifications. These LEDs are available in different colors and sizes too. They need to install in any chosen area, and they create color while also reducing the size of light produced. These lights have their advantages and disadvantages.


1. The light source is optimized

2. Fixtures have an added value

3. Making a new design is much easier when dealing with integrated LED


1. They have expiration dates

2. They might be difficult to replace

3. Most of them do not have solid warranty covers

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