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Designing the right power PCB will require you to do different things compared to a standard PCB. Simultaneously, it is possible to design standard PCBs without a blueprint or software because of how simple it is to design them; designing a power PCB is completely different.

You will need software to design a power PCB. The design schemes behind them are much too complicated to design without software. The calculation method of the trace width and current threshold of the power PCB is quite different from that of the standard PCB.

There is no denying that you need software to design the power PCB. The only question is: Should you pay for power PCB design software or not?

The answer to this question is dependent on a few things.

How familiar you already may be with PCB design software is the first thing this is dependent on. If you have used PCB design software in the past, you might get away with using free PCB design software. If you perform PCB production for a large organization with an ample budget, you’ll probably be able to benefit a little more from paid PCB design software.

The complexity of the power PCBs you are interested in designing and producing is another thing you should consider. There are some power PCBs that are more complex in their design than others. In these cases, you might want to spend money on design software.

If the power PCB you are interested in is designed for mass production or similar design, you can benefit more from free design software because free PCB design software is usually sufficient to create blueprints for large-scale PCB production.

While the value of paid PCB design software is inherent, there are a lot of questions that surround free PCB design software. This video will show you ten of the best free PCB design programs.

Why power PCB design is important?

A lot of today’s electronics are responsible for generating a lot of power. Take a smartphone, for instance. Even if they are in flight mode, smart phones still require a lot of power to operate.

Something else that power PCBs do is find a way to make everything compact in a circuit board; this way, they can be placed inside electronics that need a lot of power to operate.

Different from a standard PCB, a power PCB also has to be designed so that everything is compact without sacrificing efficiency. It is especially true if the device that the circuit board supports is something like a smart phone, a tablet, or anything that can access data.

While standard PCBs still have their place in electronics, the demand for more advanced electronics is greater than ever. Power PCBs are much more effective for these advanced electronics because it is only possible for a PCB to be compact yet powerful if it follows a power PCB design.

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