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For electrical engineers, it’s very difficult to find more resource to learn. In this passage, we are going to introduce you some top resources for your studying and to update your electrical engineering experience. 

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1. MIT Open Course Ware

It provides you with free engineering handouts, assignments, and videos, as well as exams at top universities. There are more than enough videos that can help you out to learn some knowledge in particular sections such as Circuits and Electronics. In the videos, you may find the Basic Circuit Analysis Method, Digital Circuit Speed, Inside the Digital Gate, and, last but not least, the Small-Signal Model.

2. Darryl Morrel

Darryl Morrel provides you with a very informative range of videos about electrical engineering topics you can find on YouTube online and for free. The difference between this channel and other channels is that it is exciting. So far, Darryl Morrel videos have more than 3 million viewers, which counts. The areas of interest of these videos are mostly focused on the DC Circuit Analysis, AC Circuit Analysis, Signals, and systems.

3. NPTEL E-Learning Courses

The abbreviation stands for the National Program of Technology Enhanced Learning, one of the most efficient online teaching portals ever. Here you can easily find more than 70 electrical engineering courses that can give you a hand in your engineering studies. In addition to the videos, the webpage is pretty useful as well, where it is convenient to search for the course titles and choose the one you need the most.

4. edX Online Circuits and Electronics

Edx Online is probably familiar to most of you, which allows you to find a course about Circuits and Electronics. This course covers essential materials, as well as the professor’s straightforward and exciting approach. Everybody can access this course online free, which will help the starters in the electrical engineering field.

5. Watt Circuit Blog

Watt Circuit Blog is a unique online platform were two close electrical engineer friends, David and Sajjad, share their knowledge with you. They are mainly focusing on LED lighting, RC& Autonomous vehicle control, which is presented to you in the form of videos.

6. Electrical Engineering 141 – Lecture 1 at UC Berkeley

Youtube videos that are provided from the University of California Berkeley are focused on the introduction to Digital Integrated Circuits from the expert Jan Rabaey. They are fascinating and exciting lectures that last for an hour and a half long, focusing on microprocessors and digital circuits, as mentioned before. You will enjoy hearing all the needed information and gain the knowledge from an award winner J.Rabaey.


This online portal offers you one of the unique courses in electrical engineering for free. The critical areas of focus are about constructing and measuring electrical circuits via lab instruments, elementary signal theory, also time and frequency domain signals analysis.

8.MOOC List

There are 41 online course providers of this webpage where you can search for a wide range of categories and related topics. Get the knowledge and skills about computational thinking and datasets to solve real-world data problems.


Another alternative to the previous sources is Shtetl-Optimized. This blog belongs to Scott Aaronson, who is particularly interested in the abilities and limitations of quantum computers alongside the complexity theory. The design of the blog is more about articles that are related directly to engineering by adding up some of his knowledge and presenting it to you.


This online website has information about a variety of fields, including electrical engineering. There are over 5000 courses that you can check out and watch videos once you create your account. This platform is highly recommended for you.

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