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There are a few different types of ARM development boards that you can use. Their functionality determines each type and what you can do with them.

IoT Test Chip Boards

The Arm creates a few boards that enable the easier development of Arm IP of real-life conditions and evaluates them. Popular uses of this board include simplified integration of ARM TrustZone technology for security. Having an improved understanding of the trade-offs as well as the performance of IP inside SoC designs. Use these boards to make progress on software before making it available.

Juno Development Platform

Is the Armv8-A platform for development? It is a development of software that includes Juno Arm Versatile Express Board and the Armv8-A reference software port only available through Linaro. You can use these boards for system control processors and firmware. Use these boards also for system initialization, clocked controls, voltage, and even power gating. Deliver AP software through Linaro and use ARM Trusted Firmware. The support of this board includes Linux, Busybox, and Android.

Neoverse Reference Designs

References the useful designs as resources with best practices and integrating into a Neoverse subsystem inside a more massive SoC. Use these boards in servers, networking-storage, security offloads, edge computing nodes, 5G stations, and even access points.

Mbed Development Boards

These are boards designed for fast, low-risk, flexible, and professional prototyping that is rapid. Mbed supports most MCU families of boards. These boards include STM32, Kinetis, PSoC, NRF52, and LPC. Helping you, these boards develop the Internet of Things quickly, efficiently, and securely with all the products in junction with IoT.

Keil Evaluation Boards

The manufacturing and design of these boards and the starter kits help you evaluate an MCU architecture and start with Keil tools. Kiel boards have an extensive range of evaluation ARM boards. These boards support CAN, USB, Ethernet, SD Card, serial interfaces, LCD. They are available as starter kits.

Design Start DAP Link Boards

It is a board for Serial Wire Debug and UART access that is a design built on the board itself. Features of DAP Link include USB devices with Serial Wire Debug, drag, and drop programming with FPGA images, and they have a dedicated QSPI flash. There is a micro-SD but only for SPI application.

CMSIS Board Support Packs

Define a general standardized method of delivering software components, board support information, and device parameters and code. These boards provide the interfaces to processor and peripherals as well as real-time OS and components of middleware. This board will simplify software interfaces for re-use.

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