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  • Great thermal distribution: Due to its copper-plated vias, this PCB offers high thermal resistance. Heavy copper PCB are used in applications that demand high speed and high frequency. You can also use this PCB at harsh temperatures.
  • Mechanical strength: Heavy copper PCB feature great mechanical strength. When this PCB is used, it makes the electrical system durable and robust.
  • Good conductor: Heavy copper circuit boards are a good conductor. They are utilized in the production of electronics due to this feature. They help to link various boards together. These boards can transfer current.
  • Onboard heat sink: Heavy copper boards offer an onboard heat sink. With these boards, you can achieve effective heat sinks on mosaic surfaces.
  • Great dissipation factor: Heavy copper PCB are ideal for large components with a high loss of power. These PCBs prevent overheating from occurring in electrical systems. They dissipate excess heat effectively.

Supports exotic material: Heavy copper helps to protect and enhance exotic material. Exotic materials are sometimes used for designing electronic components. An extreme temperature may need an exotic material. Heavy copper boards end circuit failures because they use an exotic material to its full capabilities.

What are the capabilities of heavy copper PCB?

Prototyping is common in heavy copper product, UL approvals, and timelines. Knowing more helps us to help you succeed. Is this going to be an ongoing project for years to come? We have several options for production to produced small to large volume, or, is it a small one-time buy?

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  • Maximum Number of Layers = 20
  • Laminate – FR-4 (All Tg Ranges), Teflon, Ceramic
  • Finished Thickness = 0.020″ – 0.275″
  • Green, Blue, Red, Black, Clear and White Solder Masks & Legend Inks
  • Minimum Soldermask Clearance – 6 mils
  • Minimum Solder Dam Width – 5.5 mils
  • Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL)
  • Immersion Gold (ENIG) & Immersion Silver
  • Blind & Buried Vias
  • Minimum Drill Bit Hole Size = 0.012″
  • Minimum Holes Size – 0.008″ +0.005″/-0.008″
  • Maximum Hole Aspect Ratio = 10:1
  • Maximum Copper Weight = 6 oz. (UL Approved)
  • Controlled Impedance +/- 10%
  • Minimum Silkscreen Line Width – 8 mils

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