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Three things make Rogers Corp unique. And they are as follows: First, they commit to market-focused innovation. Second, the company leads in mission-critical situations. And lastly, they have a passion for offering fantastic value to their customers’ success.

Plus, the firm offers a lot of products that help to solve issues in different sectors. So, it’s not a surprise that Rogers PCB comes with high-quality features. These features are temperature constancy and exceptional dielectric constant. But there’s more. Rogers PCB’s factor of thermal expansion of dielectric constant is quite unswerving with copper foil. Hence, you can use Roger PCB to boost the deficiency of the PTFE substrate.

Also, it’s super suitable for high-frequency and high-speed circuits. Plus, it comes in handy for the application of RF and microwave devices. Furthermore, Roger PCBs have low water absorption. So, they are ideal for applications with high humidity.

What are the types of Rogers PCB?

Rogers PCB has various types with different resistance for harsh conditions. Plus, the Rogers PCB has two main categories. They are Thermostat and PTFE-based materials. So, we’re going to list the three major types.


  • Woven Glass Reinforced Modified Epoxy IMS
  • PTFE Ceramic
  • Ceramic/Woven Glass UL 94 V-0 laminates/Hydrocarbon
  • Cross-Plied Woven Glass-Reinforced PTFE
  • PTFE Random Glass Fiber
  • Woven Glass/Ceramic/Hydrocarbon
  • Woven Glass Reinforced Modified Epoxy Laminates
  • Filled PTFE Composite
  • Woven Glass Reinforced PTFE Antenna Grade Laminates

Bonding Materials

  • Woven Glass / Prepreg / Hydrocarbon / Ceramic
  • Thermoset Thermally & Electrically Conductive Adhesive (TECA) Film
  • Ceramic PTFE Bondply

Metal Claddings

  • Electrodeposited Reverse Treated
  • Resistive Foil
  • Electrodeposited
  • Rolled

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