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An appropriate solder mask depends upon the physical dimensions of the board, components, holes, and conductors, the surface layout, as well as the final application for your product.

You will need a photoimageable solder resist for most modern PCB designs. The surface topography will depend on whether to use a liquid or dry application. And a dry application is that lay down a uniform thickness across the entire surface. But it will be the best for dry mask adheres of your PCB surface is very flat. And if there are complex surface features, you’d better select with a liquid (LPISM) so that there will be a better contact with the copper of your traces and the laminate.

What are the features of PCB colors?

There are different types of colors available for PCB boards. The standard color of printed circuit boards is the green solder mask. However, with the advent of much innovation and technological advancement, the color of PCBs is now changing. In recent years the use of other colors instead of green PCBs is on the increase was driven by most of the assemblers. The following are some reasons for choosing different colored PCB other than green:

Using different colors of PCB gives an obvious indicator of the revision changes to make users aware. Using colors other than green will produce brightness or contract. You need to note that assembly equipment is significant by transmission properties, absorbance, and light reflectance.

Using different colors will help prevent various types of mistakes in a mixed assembly that may occur. The choice of contrasting color types also has the advantage of identifying meetings that are lead–free. The variety of colors used for fabricating PCBs includes white, blue, black, yellow, red, etc. The colors of PCBs are commonly referred to as PCB color codes. Different modern PCB types have adopted specific colors. For example, the motherboards of PC are still fabricated in green epoxy.

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