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PCB or printed circuit boards are used in every electronic device that you see around you. You can have a single layer PCB or multilayer PCB made from multiple layers of conductive copper foils.

Several layers of double layer PCB are stacked together to form a single PCB. The different layers of the circuit board are known as PCB layers. The PCB layers are bonded together with heat-resistant insulation in between them. The outer layers are then sealed with a dielectric solder mask.

What are the types of multilayer PCB?

Two Layers PCB

Two Layers of PCB or double layer PCB is the next technological step after the single-layer PCB. It is the most common type of PCB used all over the world for its higher capacity. They are used in a wide range of electronic devices and are less complicated to produce than different multilayer PCBs available in the market.

There are many benefits of the double layer PCB. It has higher routing traces due to the matching bottom and topsides. It is suited for a wide range of applications because of its flexibility. You can use it in modern appliances and devices as it has high density and low cost of manufacturing. You can find double layers PCBs in residential HVAC systems of different companies.

Two-layer PCBs are also used in amplifiers used in the music industry and a wide range of computer printers. The double-layer PCB resembles the one-layer PCB but features an inverted mirror representation at the bottom portion. The dielectric layer is also thicker in a double layer PCB and comes laminated with copper on the bottom and topsides. Then solder mask is used to cover the copper on both sides.

Four Layers PCB

Four layers PCB has an elaborate design compared to single and double-layered PCB. It comes with several rows of dielectric material, while the single or double layered PCB has only one. The four layers PCB is equipped with multiple layers of copper and conductive material between the bottom and top solder masks, just like any multilevel PCB.

The benefits of 4 layers PC include durability, and it is more potent than both single and double-layered PCBs. It is also small in size and can be used in a vast range of electronic devices. The flexibility of the component makes it suitable for both simple and sophisticated tools It is also safe and prevents electromagnetic interference. You can also use it in sophisticated devices as it weighs less.

Four layers of PCB are used in different handled devices such as tablets and smartphones. You can also find them in satellite systems that orbit planets. They are also used in space probe equipment used for in-depth space exploration. The four layers PCB comprises four layers of conductive copper and three inner dielectric layers consisting of one core and two prepreg. Finally, twin dielectric solder mask layers are applied to the bottom and top.

Six Layers PCB

Six PCB layers fall within the advanced multilayer PCBs and power a wide range of electronic devices, industrial applications, and technology devices. Six layers PCBs are thicker and stronger than double or four-layer PCBs. It is also compact and comes with higher technological capabilities. Coming in 6 layers, they are competent and cut back the chances of electromagnetic interference and cross-talk.

Six PCB layers are used in advanced computing applications, and you can find them on personal computers and laptops. You can even see them being used in data storage devices like hard disks. The PCBs also find applications in fire alarm systems, which make them more efficient. Additionally, you can see six layers of PCBs in fiber optic receivers, mobile phone transmission, GPS devices, industrial controlling devices, and health equipment such as heart monitors.

The six layers PCB construction is similar to the four layers PCB, but it is equipped with two extra rows of dielectric material two layers of copper. In the setup, the second and fourth rows of dielectric material are the cores. Out of the six conductive copper rows, the second and fifth are labeled plane while the others are signal.

Eight Layers PCB

Eight layers of PCB are excellent resources that harness computing power and efficiency in electronic devices. The eight layers of PCB are much like the six layers of PCB though it comes with four copper signal layers and four plane layers. Many computer systems and high technological devices use the eight layers of PCB. Their introduction has enabled us to move from kHz computer frequencies to GHz high-speed devices of modern time.

You can find eight PCB layers in various healthcare, aerospace, governmental systems, and many commercial applications. In total, you can find eight layers in this PCB, which are held together by seven rows of inner dielectric material. A dielectric solder mask is used to seal the eight PCB layers on the top and bottom parts. You can find many similarities between the six layers PCB and eight layers PCB, but the latter is equipped with extra pairs of prepreg and copper columns.

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